The Effects Of Cocaine Addiction & Abuse On Your Body

If you wish to progress with NHS treatment, speak first with your GP or local drug treatment service. Nevertheless, a private rehab clinic is likely to offer better facilities, as well as rehab aftercare. Abbeycare’s cocaine rehab program also utilizes holistic treatments to address the concerns in traditional rehab packages. Bearing in mind that a person is made up of body, mind, and soul/psyche provides Adderall Detox  comprehensive management of cocaine addiction challenges. Including some facilities such as Abbeycare Clinic, massage, reflexology, medically assisted withdrawal detoxification, and animal-assisted therapy for recovering addicts.

Cocaine Addiction Rehab

Cocaine can be highly addictive due to the short but intense high that it creates, which usually lasts between 5 to 30 minutes. Because the resulting euphoric state is very brief, this can cause you to want to take the drug more and more which can lead you to build a tolerance to this substance and a dangerous addiction. The longer a person abuses cocaine the more at risk they become to cocaines toxic side effects. Cocaine will not only affect the person using it in a variety of negative ways ( including personal relationships, social life, work and finances) but will also affect those that love and care for them. This is why it is important if you have a problem with cocaine that you seek help sooner rather than later.


Group Therapy for Cocaine Addiction


According to the Crime Survey for England and Wales (CSEW), cocaine is the second most prevalent drug after cannabis. Whilst outpatient rehab can be secured through your GP, results can vary. This is in part mostly due to the fact you are not removed from your current environment and surroundings.


We are living proof that it is achievable and now we are here to help you on your journey into recovery. The three main events in drug rehab are detox, therapeutic care, and cocaine rehab aftercare. In essence, admitting to rehab is the start of a new way of living, where the emphasis should be a return to a normal, balanced way of living. To facilitate the return to this state of equilibrium, the whole person needs to be addressed.


Treatment Options for Addiction:


Offered in many different forms, therapy will work through the psychological side of addiction to help you detach and understand how severe ongoing exposure will be. It’s important to note that cocaine withdrawal symptoms are typically not life-threatening but can be highly uncomfortable. Similar to support groups like Narcotics Anonymous and Drug Addicts Anonymous, our team can offer group therapy for those with cocaine dependence and those who suffer from other substance abuse. A support group is great for those who are addicted to drug use, as they will be surrounded by others in a similar situation. The CQC is an independent regulator of health and social care in England. The company ensures therapy centres provide effective treatment methods so those who seek treatment will have a good chance of recovery.


Throughout a cocaine rehab programme, clients will work through a range of suitable addiction treatments. This schedule combined with a positive and recovery-motivated environment will help individuals slowly reduce their addiction to cocaine. However, it is important to remember that recovery rates will vary for all clients and the rehab timeframe will vary.


We keep on top of emerging techniques and approaches in addiction treatment. We seek to gain accreditation for any treatment approach that is game-changing. Cocaine is a stimulant made from coca plant leaves, and it’s commonly offered as a white powder or as crystals or rocks created from it. A brief euphoric, energetic, and thrilling feeling is elicited by snorting, smoking, or injecting the substance, which lasts a few minutes to an hour, followed by an unpleasant comedown. When people think about cocaine, they might regard it as a party drug which is taken largely in social settings.


Attending a private rehab for inpatient treatment is highly confidential. We do not require a GP referral meaning you may also conceal your cocaine addiction from your official medical records which could be assessed in future by your employer or your medical insurer. As an alternative, individuals can consider private rehab clinics for a specific addiction, such as an addiction to cocaine or alcohol.


You’ll normally stay living at home while being treated for cocaine addiction. However, you may be offered medicines to help with related symptoms, such as sleep problems. These are often used on a short-term basis because long-term use of medicines that can help you sleep can also be addictive in itself.


It considers all available information before creating a treatment plan for you, so that we can offer bespoke care perfectly suited to your circumstances. The tailored nature of our cocaine addiction treatment plans is one reason they have proved successful over the years. From luxury to cost-effective centres, we can help you find one suited to your needs. Some rehab clinics focus on certain treatment programmes like residential detox and therapies, while there are others that are concerned with aftercare and outpatient treatment programmes. Depending on your needs, you will be connected to a rehab centre that is ideal for treating your addiction.

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